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This is a collection of in-depth case studies that highlight our approach to problem-solving and how we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. Each case study offers a detailed analysis of the challenges our clients faced, the strategies we implemented, and the results we achieved. By showcasing these real-world examples, we aim to demonstrate our lunar-level expertise and provide you with valuable insights into how we can elevate your business to the next stratosphere of success.

CWI Agency

Untitled design-7.png
Hands of a girl on a steering wheel

..a local insurance agency with no personal branding of their own

CWI Agency Logo


To create a strong and memorable brand identity for the local insurance agency that establishes their unique value proposition and increases brand recognition and customer loyalty.

|| Deliverables || 

Website Design + Development

Personal Branding Strategy 

Branding Development 

Digital Marketing Strategy + Implementation

Business Collateral

Full Scale Copywriting

Ellan Daniels Notary

...a local notary starting her first business

Ellan Daniels Notary logo on a computer screen


 To create a compelling and memorable brand identity that showcases the unique benefits of a mobile notary service, positions the business as a trustworthy and reliable partner for clients, and differentiates the brand from competitors in the market. 

|| Deliverables || 

Branding Strategy and Guidelines 

Business Collateral

Website Design + Development

Digital Marketing Strategy

Red notary stamp

Taylor Pecan Co.

Pecan tree orchard

...a great product that lacked the visual identity to match

Taylor Pecan Co logo


To create a new and compelling brand identity for the family-owned pecan business that aligns with their core values, showcases the quality of their product, and helps to increase brand recognition and loyalty.

|| Deliverables || 

Rebranding Strategy and Implementation

SEO Package 

Website Design + Development 

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