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We became "The Johns"

We cannot wait to see you on...

On May 4th, 2024


at our home @

4863 Jeff Starling Road, Macclenny, FL 32063



We would love for you to be there to celebrate, but there is no pressure.

And YES, you can bring a friend. And please no gifts. We just want to enjoy our time with you.

Thank you!!! We are on the edge of our seats. We will send updates via email but call/text us if you need to.

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No matter where you decide to stay, if you are traveling from out of state,

fly into Jacksonville Airport (JAX).

St. Augustine, Florida

travel time to party: 1 hour

If you want to make this vacation, you can stay in St. Augustine and enjoy what the nation’s oldest city has to offer (which is a lot.)

You can't really go wrong on places to stay or what to visit (there is so, so much) but we have to tell you our most frequented spots when we lived there...

Old Coast Ale/Osprey Tacos

// our first date

Prohibition Kitchen

// a lot of our Friday nights


// a lot of our Saturdays

The Love Tree Scavenger Hunt

// just a little hidden treat


travel time to party: 2 - 5 minutes

If you want to get crazy, you can stay in Macclenny. Our small, farm town with a lot of character but not a lot to eat/do. (In the best way possible). This Hampton Inn is the closest to our house.

Fun Fact: Macclenny was known as Darbyville until 1899, when the name was changed to Macclenny, in honor of Carr B. Macclenny, a sawmill and lumber man who married Darby's great-great-great and some more 'greats' grandmother.

While you're here, you can visit Heritage Park Village and see a bench dedicated to Darby's family who founded Darbyville. We love having roots here.

...and if you decide to stay here, let us know because we would love to see you extra.

Jacksonville, Florida

travel time to party: 30 - 40 minutes

If staying in a city is more your style but you're only coming for the party and want to be close to the airport, Jacksonville is the next best. 

A little further out between Jacksonville and St. Augustine is Ponte Vedre and World Golf Village. If golfing is your thing, that's a choice.

We do have some spots we love in Jacksonville.

Five Points

// good food and good drinks



We are excited to share our home and our homestead in the making. Below are some things you might want to know but please call/text us with any questions or concerns.

The WEATHER is usually between 75 - 80 degrees in May.

the PARTY is being held outside on grass (with access to indoors).

WEAR whatever you are comfortable in.

FOOD and DRINKS will be served all day/night.

the BAND starts playing at 4:00pm (2-hour set).

We have three DOGS and five CHICKENS (they will be locked up).

You will receive an email closer to May 4th about PARKING.

Yes, you can bring your KIDS.

 Yes, you can BRING A FRIEND.



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